Formally we are known as third-party recruiters, but we are actually business improvement agents.

We consistently help our clients grow their business by helping them find and hire the right people.

Established in 1997, CAES Career Advancement Employment Services Inc. has evolved as an organization, in function as well as philosophy, and it is very gratifying to witness the positive impact that we have had in the growth and development of our client organizations. Our ability to truly understand our client requirements, to find and evaluate ‘best fit’ candidates, and to complete their projects with both quality and timeliness definitely distinguishes us from the typical search and placement organization”.
Jim Gilchrist B.E.S., President

Our Value Proposition is:

  • a commitment to quality
  • a superior understanding of our industry specializations 
  • defined expertise in helping our clients determine position performance profiles
  • an elaborate network for sourcing and referrals
  • a research based search process to guarantee that we find the right person
  • a highly accurate candidate assessment procedure to ensure the right long-term fit
  • a quality search process that ensures completion within 4 – 8 weeks
  • a commitment to success via the acceptance of a limited number of concurrent projects

Benefits Provided To Our Clients:

  • assisting organizational growth by finding the right person for newly created and replacement positions
  • provision of talented contract personnel as part of the request for proposal process
  • cost reduction and profitability via placing problem solvers in key impact positions
  • increased staff retention by taking the time to hire the right person based on long-term criteria
  • timely hiring of difficult to find people maintaining profitability
  • reliance on us to guarantee a talent supply irregardless of a tight labour market
  • reduced hiring costs by hiring right the first time within a suitable time frame
  • maintain client customer relations by hiring suitable replacement staff for vacated positions
  • organizational succession planning incorporated into the hiring process
  • recruitment of Canadian specialized talent for international placements
  • establishing canadian sales and distribution offices for international clients

Results We Provide:

  • a success rate of 100% on all committed assignments.

Additional services:

  • provide internal or external interviewing and candidate evaluation services
  • provide internal work personality evaluations – team building

It was a pleasure working with CAES and Jim Gilchrist. The search was handled in a professional manner and we were extremely pleased with the candidates that were presented to us for consideration for the position of Applications Engineer and in particular with the individual we hired.

I look forward to working with CAES and Jim in the future. I would be pleased to recommend their services to anyone with staffing needs.

D. M.,
Human Resources Manager
"I must say that I am very impressed with your service. In my business, I need results, and I needed them yesterday. Due to your business expansion campaign, I was able to hire to two positions that were specific in their needs. That tells me that your campaign was well thought out, you knew your market and you could define your business.

More important, you walked the talk and consequently, I saved my company time, money and aggravation. Most important, I was able to hire two quality people in a very short time frame, allowing me to expand my business faster than anticipated."

V.P. Sales and Marketing

Partnering with CAES will help your business grow.
We help solve your business concerns by finding you the right person, who will perform to your expectations and sustain that performance over time.
Your reliance on our expertise allows you to focus on what you do best - your business specialty.

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