Formally we are known as third-party recruiters, but we are actually business improvement agents.

We consistently help our clients grow their business by helping them find and hire the right people.

Established in 1997, CAES Career Advancement Employment Services Inc. has evolved as an organization, in function as well as philosophy, and it is very gratifying to witness the positive impact that we have had in the growth and development of our client organizations. Our ability to truly understand our client requirements, to find and evaluate ‘best fit’ candidates, and to complete their projects with both quality and timeliness definitely distinguishes us from the typical search and placement organization”.
Jim Gilchrist B.E.S., President

Our Value Proposition is:
  • a commitment to quality
  • a superior understanding of our industry specializations 
  • defined expertise in helping our clients determine position performance profiles
  • an elaborate network for sourcing and referrals
  • a research based search process to guarantee that we find the right person
  • a highly accurate candidate assessment procedure to ensure the right long-term fit
  • a quality search process that ensures completion within 4 – 8 weeks
  • a commitment to success via the acceptance of a limited number of concurrent projects
Benefits Provided To Our Candidates:
  • considerate candidate management procedures
  • a long term relationship with a career resource
  • relevant positions due to industry focus
  • our performance focus helps our candidates to highlight their particular talents and strengths
  • our assessment procedure provides candidates with new insight regarding their work personality
  • our selectivity in clients and projects increases the quality of the opportunities offerred
  • direct representation with hiring decision makers
  • hiring / offer process facilitation
Results We Provide:
  • permanent positions and long term contract opportunities
  • international options
  • challenging career opportunities with well managed companies
  • increased professional growth
  • mobility / succession opportunities built into the hiring process
  • fair compensation

"I am very pleased with my decision to join your client. As a senior quality engineer I have completed a number of challenging projects that have directly contributed to the company bottom line. My base of knowledge has expanded as I have grown as the nature of the position has grown. CAES understood what I was looking for and matched me with the perfect position at this stage in my career."

C. S.,
CQE, CQA, Senior Quality Engineer
“As a new immigrant to Canada I had been through a lot of unsuccessful attempts before CAES recognized my world experience and hidden capabilities in a very informal but professional way. CAES’s approach in matching my experience and qualifications to the required skill set was so perfect that I landed my dream job, and at the same time my employer got the right candidate. Due to their help I am on the right track with my career. Thank you”.

S. M.,
P. Eng

We are looking for the same thing you are. Great companies run by talented managers.
Partnering with CAES will create ongoing access to career opportunities.
If we cannot help you today, a long-term relationship will keep us connected so that we can potentially help you tomorrow.

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