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21/10/2015    Leadership Wins. Thoughts on the Recent Canadian Federal Election

Effective leaders attract willing followers by creating a positive shared vision of the future

03/10/2015    10 Reasons Why You Are Not Developing Effective Leaders

We desperately need more leaders. I am not saying that we don’t already have some effective leaders around us, because we do. We just need a lot more of them.

03/10/2015    Do You Have a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset?

The participants in the recent CAES Cross-Cultural Survey were offered a ‘bonus’ questionnaire that provided them with feedback regarding where they were positioned on a growth versus fixed mindset scale. The cumulative results, listed below, were quite in

08/09/2015    Some Thoughts on Givers, Takers and Matchers

Adam Grant, a professor in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, theorizes that there is an additional component to people achieving success which goes beyond the typical mainstream considerations of motivation, ability and opportunity - th

02/06/2015    The Importance of True Desire to Performance

Without true desire significant performance just does not happen.

25/05/2015    Great Clients Wanted!

This is a different post for me, but hopefully many of you will read it. This post is simply to see if I can find, within my vast LinkedIn network, some like-minded organizational leaders, who are similar to my best organizational clients, and are willing

11/05/2015    Leadership Performance

Just like any other business activity, the measure of leadership effectiveness must be based on actual performance. Effective leaders experience performance success because they have willing followers, they possess attractive leadership characteristics, an

13/03/2015    High Performing Salespeople

I have recently begun two new search assignments that are related to the sales function – the first for a Technical Salesperson and the second for a Director of Business Development. While working with the hiring managers to determine the performance requi

13/02/2015    Added Value

This example illustrates both an adaptable search process and how, when working collaboratively with a growth-oriented client, both a quality result and added value can be achieved.

11/02/2015    Retained Search or Contingency Search?

When recruiting personnel, what do you really want to accomplish?

09/01/2015    The Real Secret to Performance Success

Cognitive capability ‘trumps’ all

31/12/2014    Some Thoughts on Employment

As 2014 winds down I thought that I would share a few of my group posts that would have received limited viewership. I hope that this brief post helps some of you in 2015.

19/12/2014    Recognizing High Performers

It is all about performance. Whatever you do in your working life, true career success will come from your ability to perform, to identify performance capability in others, and to surround yourself with likeminded achievement-oriented people.

29/11/2014    What a Great Day

Because three great things happened.

29/10/2014    Why You Need to Stop Hiring and Retaining Weak Human Resources People

If you are not experiencing the organizational performance results that you expect or require, a key area that you will need to evaluate for effectiveness is your HR department.

09/10/2014    The Cost of Poor Accountability

Superior performance will only occur when you establish reasonable, yet challenging, performance objectives at the organizational, departmental, managerial and individual levels, and when you hold everyone accountable for meeting them

02/10/2014    The Best Way to Retain Truly Talented People

Since rare talented people are highly desirable, both your direct and indirect competitors are going to be very interested in attracting them away from you and into their own organizations.

24/09/2014    Why Some People Get the Careers They Want

"All of them have never stopped learning, they understand the connection between performance and career success, they are currently “uncomfortable”, they are proactive when taking charge of their own careers, and they are selective when making career decis

03/09/2014    Why You Are Losing the REAL War for Talent

Few people could argue against the benefits of attracting and retaining the most capable people, but an argument can be made that most organizations are actually losing this “war”, with many of them not even realizing that they are losing or the reasons wh

10/03/2014    10 Suggestions on How You Can Have the Career That You Want

The people who achieve career success truly want career success, and they take control of their careers rather than expecting a great career to be handed to them. By thinking about what you really want, envisioning where you want to go, planning the steps,

31/01/2014    Why You need To Evaluate Your Hiring Effectiveness and to Be More Like Bob

This is a true story about “Bob” and his team, and how their commitment to a high quality, multi-level hiring and selection process ensured that everyone enjoyed career success.

09/09/2013    Minimal Effort

Above-average people will actually display above-average effort in almost all of their behaviours and interactions with you - they don’t turn effort on and off.

29/04/2013    Performance, Engagement and Another Success Story

Is there a correlation between worker engagement and their level of performance?

29/01/2013    Effort is the Key to Better Hiring and Better Careers

Too many organizations are hiring the wrong people and too many employment seekers are making the wrong career choices. The root of the problem is a lack of real effort by both.

21/11/2012    Thinking Strategically Creates Opportunity

When people’s cognitive capability is in alignment with what is required in their role – they perform effectively.

05/09/2012    Sometimes You Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or to Cry

Always embrace quality – it pays off in the long run!

10/07/2012    The Importance of Proper Assessment in the Selection Process

Whether hiring external managers and staff, promoting internal people or deciding on who is best to receive developmental funds, it is important to have sufficient, appropriate, and accurate, information to help you to make the right decisions.

26/06/2012    Above Average Performers

The incompetent don’t know they are incompetent!

03/06/2012    Train and Develop For Results

Are you concerned that your valuable budget funds may be wasted on consultation, training and development programs that provide either ineffective or unsustainable results?

10/05/2012    Even LinkedIn Needs to Innovate

In today’s highly competitive global economy the most innovative organizations will be able to keep pace with change in demand by offering effective products and services.

13/04/2012    Are You Getting What You Really Want?

For those people who can overcome their natural resistance to change, the reward for their openness is greater access to the opportunities that will get them what they want.

09/03/2012    Innovation is Directly Related to How You Think

Innovation requires that the participants have an appropriate technical foundation, sufficient problem solving capability and cognitive scope and a suitable innovative thinking style.  

07/03/2012    Can You Identify An Innovative Thinker?

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things." — Theodore Levitt

31/10/2011    Management Performance Depends on Problem Solving

‘Visionary’ is a commonly used term to describe the incredible Mr. Steve Jobs of Apple.  But what do we actually mean when we describe someone as having vision?

24/03/2011    100 Managers in a Room – How Many Good Ones?

If you want to effectively compete in the new economy you will need to have the best possible mangers. Effective managers create an environment that is attractive to talented people by providing; challenging work, developmental opportunities, internal mobi

10/01/2011    Reduce Fear And Be More Innovative

At the micro-level, innovation is impeded by fear.

06/12/2010    The Best Way To Get The Career That You Want

If you want more from your work than just a ‘job’, you will need to differentiate yourself from your competition.

29/07/2010    Why You May Be Missing Your Real Potential

Our performance will be directly related to how we understand, and embrace, change.

19/07/2010    Lean and Performance

Thinking in terms of “Lean”, performance will be enhanced when we fully understand internal and external customer requirements, we assess and evaluate a person’s capability to deliver according to these requirements, and we identify any performance gaps be

28/06/2010    Work Personality is The Key To Superior Performance

After educational, technical skills and experience requirements are satisfied, superior performance occurs when there is a personality match to the work, the manager, the team and the organizational culture.

01/06/2010    Do You Want to Hire Innovators?

Innovative organizations are staffed by innovative people.

03/05/2010    Using Assessment in Leadership Development

Used properly, assessments can help leaders improve by identifying gaps between desired and perceived behaviours.

05/04/2010    Change and the New Economy

“If the recession has taught us anything, it is that what we were doing was wrong”.

19/03/2010    Why Most Small Businesses Fail

If you are thinking about starting your own business at least you are starting off on the right foot – by thinking.

04/12/2009    Want To Build Your Career?

Whether you are currently employed, unemployed or considering a change in your employment situation, it is important to understand the difference between a job and a career, and to decide which is right for you.

25/11/2009    Hiring Problem Solvers

When assessing an employment candidate to fill a vacancy for a supervisor, manager, or executive role, looking for “traditional” intelligence is insufficient.

05/02/2009    Quality Recruitment Is A Process

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “The best apples remain high in the trees”? The theory being, the best apple-pickers know that they will have the greatest reward by putting out effort (climbing that ladder and finding the best apples to pick) rather than

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I am now a full time employee of a dynamic engineering firm with full project control, process control and site evaluations. Knowing how critical it is to obtain suitable positions in this day and age, the difficulty in obtaining a representative that can evaluate a candidate’s strengths and disposition, I have no reservation in promoting CAES as a career representative”. Thank you.

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Design / Project Engineer

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