You need to be selective when considering a recruitment firm to partner with.
We are determined to differentiate ourselves based on results and knowing what works for our clients.


complete some assignments and fail on most

randomly take on too many assignments

use a haphazard search process, scrambling
to get results

expect you to do most of the work

assume suitable employment characteristics

select only based on education, experience
and skills

assume candidate compatibility with your management

settle for whomever we can find

post on major job boards and hope the
candidate finds us

limit our search to the active unemployed or dissatisfied

chase and irritate strong passive candidates

limit our assessment to resume details

use ineffective and outdated interviewing

sell you on a candidate, or the candidate on you

simply forward random or unqualified resumes

limit ourselves to a reactive service

expect to make a quick sale or placement

WE …

have 100% results on committed assignments

take on a limited number of assignments, and commit

use a logical strategic systematic search process that always works

we take the lead and communicate progress when appropriate

help determine the required performance characteristics

add personality fit analysis into the selection process

add management style into the assessment and matching process

focus on quality hiring based on the performance requirements

we actively research, identify and recruit appropriate candidates

cover all labour force segments, particularly the quality passive

understand their concerns and communicate in their ‘language’

use our expertise in performance assessment as per the criteria

utilize unique interviewing to obtain accurate information pertaining to motivational factors, communication styles, learning styles, problem solving abilities and planning capability

we find the right match to ensure the mutual long-term satisfaction

identify, evaluate and present 4 – 5 suitable candidates

assist in your human resource planning process

partner with our clients

We are successful because we:
  • understand our role.
  • are committed to success with every project.
  • understand the labour market, and where to find the talented candidates.
  • understand how to define the results that would be expected of the successful candidate.
  • understand that a personality match is critical to above average performance being sustained over time.
  • have developed a superior assessment capability.
  • know how to communicate with talented people.
  • know our industries.
  • are passionate about our work.

Our success is measured by your satisfaction.
We commit to total client satisfaction with every project that we undertake.

“Jim, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional manner in which you worked with me to fill our Sales Manager’s position. We were very specific about the education and experiences of the person we were seeking and you provided me with only qualified persons. I would be pleased to recommend you and your team.”

J. H.,
Division President

Speed of hire is important but it should never replace quality of hire.
There is no sense in hiring the wrong people faster.

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