We work with the senior management level of our client organizations
within North America and Internationally.

Our clients are strong managers who have long-term vision,
and truly want to improve their business.

They are results oriented, and are often challenged to:
  • increase organizational growth
  • achieve profitability and reduce costs
  • improve managerial and staff performance
  • sustain their organizational reputation and customer service
  • control appropriate staff retention
  • establish logical succession planning
  • develop a stronger presence in their domestic or international markets

Our clients understand that the solution to these challenges can be found in
hiring the right managers and staff.

 Are some of these statements true for you?

“Finding the right person is critical. I am tired of being asked to settle for whomever happens to apply. I need better results”.

“Good people are even harder to find lately. Our usual hiring process just does not work anymore”.

“ Our hiring process takes too long, and the candidates are still weak”.

“I am concerned about building an internal talent pool to contend with tomorrows succession issues”.

“Because we cannot replace vacant positions, overworked staff are leaving for the competition”.

“I cannot find anyone locally or regionally that can do the work. I am going to have to look at international candidates”.

You will be successful working with us if you:
  • have long-term vision, and truly want to improve and grow your business
  • are committed to a successful search, and all management levels are stakeholders in the process
  • are unwilling to compromise on candidate quality
  • are selective in your choice of recruitment firm, and then partner for exclusivity
  • are eager to establish accountability for recruitment success, and create appropriate timelines
  • have a results oriented culture
  • understand the return on investment of a quality hiring approach
  • are available to communicate where appropriate throughout the recruitment process
  • are staffed with managers who are attractive to talented candidates
  • offer challenging work, growth opportunities and stability
  • see the value in creating long term international strategic partnerships with recruitment associates

High performing candidates want to work with high performing managers. So do we.

After exhausting our own industry contacts and prospects we decided to use a recruiting service and selected CAES. Jim and his staff fulfilled their promises to us and we were able to fill the position in very short order. I found CAES to be attentive to our needs without being intrusive and would recommend their services to anyone who has staffing positions to be filled.

D. F.,
V.P. and General Manager

Talented people are attracted or repelled based on the quality of management.

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