Beyond our primary expertise in recruitment and selection services, we can also assist talented candidates in their self-directed career development.

We provide fee-based assessment and consultative services pertaining to:

  • Performance Improvement
  • Management Capability Development
  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Career Assessment
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Interviewing Preparation
  • Career Transition Strategies
  • New Business Start Up Consultation
  • Portfolio Documentation Development
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Portfolio Documentation Development

Whether you are positioning yourself to take advantage of that next external or internal career opportunity, it is essential that you honestly present your value in a way that will significantly differentiate you from your competition.

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We can help you by:

  • Evaluating your resume and providing improvement advice,
  • Creating a full Work Personality Assessment document which will help you to define and present your key performance traits, such as:

    • Problem solving capability
    • Concentration / attention skills
    • Productivity traits
    • Motivational makeup
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Communication skills
    • Ethics and integrity characteristics
  • Developing a subsequent Presentation Document and / or a Work Personality Summary document for distribution to potential employers, 
  • Being available to discuss assessment results with potential hiring decision-makers for results verification and interpretation (if required),and
  • Assisting you in the development of a Personal Value Proposition Summary, which will focus on, and coordinate, your significant past achievements, your relevant key performance strengths, and your distinct value to potential employers.

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Call CAES…to learn more about how we can help you in your career development.

Trust CAES to help you succeed.

"The services provided by CAES have been invaluable in my career search. As a new graduate, I found the inventories that they performed very helpful for revealing my relevant strengths and weaknesses.

These inventories, along with my conversations with their friendly staff, also allowed me to gain insight regarding my career path and long-term goals. Further, the knowledge that I gained from them granted me additional confidence in an interview situation.

I would highly recommend CAES to any candidate looking to gain a competitive edge in their job search."

J. D.,
McMaster University

Superior candidates distinguish themselves by their above-average performance capability, their life-long commitment to personal improvement and their strategic approach to ongoing career development.

Beyond education, technical skills and industry experience, they understand that honest self-awareness and a true work personality match to the requirements of their position, the team, the management group and the organizational culture are all essential to career success.

They understand that extra effort devoted to their career will return dividends, and they rarely make career development errors.

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